Alvaro Arias Perez


A little about me

Alvaro brings to the academy current game knowledge still being an active professional player in the Spanish 3rd division. Along side his career as a footballer he has been studying to become an extremely promising level 3 certified Osteopath. 

His role within the academy is not limited to physio support but he is on hand daily at all training sessions and games to provide pitch side treatment. As well as taking care of injured players and putting them through there individual tailored rehabilitation program at the academy we adopt an old age philosophy that ‘Prevention is better than cure’. With this in mind Alvaro is also the Head of our Strength and Conditioning program, he designs all of the gym work that players carry out, monitors weekly training loads, is in control of our GPS tracking system and gives players fortnightly feedback from training + Games with their detailed statistics and heat maps from our match program.

A part of the academy staff we believe is unique and invaluable in that he can not only be a mentor and role model due to the level of football he still plays week in week out but is also in a perfect position to assess injuries and empathise with player muscle soreness etc as he is training 5 days a week himself!

If having a full time member of staff to guide our players in how to remain as fit and injury free as possible during the season whilst being on hand to treat any injuries. We are also linked with one of the top Physio clinics in the Andalucia and for any undiagnosed injuries that require further investigation we take all players to Vital Sport based in near by Velez-Malaga. Here players can have a variety of services from scans, ultrasound scans, blood tests, acupuncture and once diagnosis is made a rehab plan is discussed between the medical professionals, Alvaro and the player.  

Our players health is paramount to the academy philosophy, for this reason we recommend all players take out a private medical insurance even if you are from the EU for your time here in Spain.

Any unfortunate problems that should arise that require hospital treatment players are always accompanied by an academy member of staff and they will remain with the player onsite (Including overnight) until the player is discharged from Hospital to return home to the residence.




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