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Our femenino project was formed from a desire to provide talented female footballers around the world with a first-class professional environment here in Spain. Our mission is provide opportunity to players on both an individual and collective level, as we strive to climb the Spanish league system and with it attract the highest level of player possible outside of the professional game. Our program, facilities and club infrastructure will give players a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a full-time professional environment led by a highly qualified UEFA licensed coaching staff.



Our full-time football program includes daily training 5-6 times a week in addition to an extensive games schedule comprising of a mixture of regular league games and showcase matches against professional teams. We aim to leave no stone unturned and we also place great focus in the physical preparation of our athletes with each team having it's own goalkeeping coach, athletic trainer and physical preparation specialist assigned to each team.



Since the short time of our femenino teams existence (2020) we're proud to already see a number of our alumni move on to high-level opportunities at both the collegiate and professional level. Our staff work diligently behind the scenes in order to create new and exciting partnerships which will provide our players with an unrivalled level of exposure and the tools that each player needs to be successful. Whether that leads them to a pro contract, a scholarship in the US, a high-level job or simply a once in a lifetime opportunity whilst here with in Spain then our staff will do everything possible to make that a reality.





During my time at FCMC, the team had a saying known as "UBUNTU". This was an old African proverb that meant "I am because we are." This proved to be a reoccurring theme throughout my year in Spain. I grew not only as a player, but I developed as a person alongside some of the most amazing people I have ever met. I made memories that will be hard to top, friends that will last a lifetime, and an undeniable love for another country. Thanks to connections made at Malaga City, I was offered the opportunity to play in the first division in Greece. I made the move just two months after finishing my time at Malaga to play for AEL, a club rich in history and battling for a Champions League bid. I like to think that who I am today is because of what we were in Spain. This mentality, this lifestyle, and this opportunity should be experienced by everyone who has the chance. Ubuntu forever.


One of the most unique aspects to our program is our extensive relationships with some of the biggest clubs in Spain and Europe. This provides players with regular opportunities to test themselves against some of the top female talents in the world football and gain first hand exposure to professional teams. Check out some of the videos below to get a taste of a showcase matchday.




FC Malaga City Academy is mainly based in Almuñecar; a beautiful Andalusian town known for it's picturesque landscape, rocky beaches and rich cultural history. Located on the Costa Tropical, the region boasts an almost perfect climate with year round sunshine and very little rain. An average population of 30,000, the town provides enough entertainment and leisure activities without being a distraction from football. which we must remind is the main focus.


Almuñecar is located just an hour away from Malaga and Granada, which are both easily accessible via the world class transport links available.


Our football program is a full-time residential accomodation with our players living, eating and playing together over the course of the season - promoting an inclusive family environment in which we take great pride in. Away from the field, players are encouraged to take full advantage of life in Spain and have easy access to local amenities and attractions which will allow our players to immerse themselves in the spanish culture. ​​

Off the field players are supported by an extensive backroom staff including but not limited to logistics coordinators, on-site resident assistants, player liason and other members of the FCMC to provide a strong support network for our players to utilise. But don't just take our word for it, come see it for yourself!


One of the most unique aspects to our program is our extensive relationships with some of the biggest clubs in Spain and Europe. This provides players with regular opportunities to test themselves against some of the top female talents in the world football and gain first hand exposure to professional teams. Since our Femenino team's conception in 2020 we have been approached by some of the biggest female sides in world football who have all shown in a key interest in our project and what we are trying to achieve.

Through these regular conversation we unlock new and exciting partnerships and opportunities for our players. As a club, we aim to go above and beyond to provide our players with a platform in which they can exhibit their abilities and develop in a highly professional environment, so that they are always ready for any opportunity that presents itself.

We're delighted to see a number of our players now playing at the professional and collegiate level and are delighted by the amount of individual and collective success this program has received in such a short space of time. From senior level internationals right through to NCAA Division 1 collegiate players, we're proud of every single players that puts on the FCMC jersey and we can't wait to continue to see this project grow each year.


We realise for many female players across the world the opportunity to receive a player and scholarship at a US university and compete at the collegiate level is high on their agenda. We believe we have developed a program that not only prepares a  player for that next step in their career but can also further bolster a players chances of getting recruited to play at the highest level of collegiate soccer possible through the various aspects of our program. Some of these being:

  • Access to high level video footage

  • Competing at a Senior level

  • Competing against professional level opposition

  • Ability to take collegiate level classes/courses

  • Personal development

  • Partnerships with College Soccer Recruitment Experts

If this is something you are interested in then please complete our free application form and speak to our staff today to learn more about this opportunity. Our recruitment team work with you to identify how our program can best benefit and will be on hand to answer any questions you may have with no prior commitment. Click the link below and complete a free online application form today.

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