FC Malaga City Academy are proud to offer world class education opportunities to athletes alongside our full-time football programme through Pathfinder Academy


We believe that it is important for young footballers to pursue a "back up" option to aid them in their careers both on and off the pitch. 


Working alongside world class education providers such as Accelerator School and UK Sports Academy, we provide a wide range of courses to suit the need of players from high school studies to foundation degrees. 


Players will benefit from a modern approach to learning through a mixture of online lectures, face-to-face tuition, seminars, practical activities and work experience. 


By working closely with our providers, we can ensure that players can feasibly complete both football and education programmes to the best of their ability. 



 • Personalized Self-Paced Learning 

 • NCAA-Approved Courses 

• US College Eligibility 

• Modern Learning Strategies 

• Range of Teaching Methods 

• Personal Tutor & Mentor 

• Spanish Intensive Courses 



• Mathematics 

• Language Arts 

• Social Studies 

• Sciences 

• Foreign Languages 

• Option for Additional Courses 


For more info, please visit us at www.acceleratorschool.com or get in touch with us info@acceleratorschool.com

FC Malaga City provides passionate football players the opportunity to pursue their academic potential as student athletes by blending college preparatory academics with their professional exposure in Spain.


The Academy's education programme embraces an ethos in which hard work is held in the highest esteem and risking failure and learning from success provide exceptional preparation for life beyond school.

The school's purpose is to create an outstanding environment that delivers an indelible experience for student-athletes who wish to dedicate themselves to being the best they can be, to carry their dedication to football over into the classroom, and to do so with commitment to character and values. Therefore, our student body is comprised of the highly motivated athletes looking for an opportunity to pursue our passion for football while providing the necessary academic support. 

The school blends a technology enabled education model with full-time academic coordinators, core discipline tutors, and guidance / administrative support. The entire program is set up to mold the students into top university and collegiate candidates.  We do this by focusing on what colleges and universities are looking for: 

- we offer a wide range of courses, including AP, honors, elective and dual credit; and students are encouraged to take on courses that will challenge them;

- we focus on high grade point averages in the classroom, and preparation for outstanding standardized test scores; 

- the students are naturally in a unique extracurricular environment that will round them with grit, determination, culture, and independence. 


The school program is an additional $6,450 per year.

The Academy has created an outstanding environment that delivers an indelible experience for student-athletes who wish to dedicate themselves to be the best they can be; to carry that dedication to football over into the classroom, with a commitment to character and values. At FC Malaga City Academy, the student body are like minded, highly motivated, athletes looking for an opportunity to pursue their passion for football. Students are surrounded by role models demonstrating and striving for professionalism. 

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We provide a 21st century approach to learning with an engaging programme offering students ownership of their education.



Our programmes are 100% US College and University eligible.



Learn one of the world's most important languages with our intensive Spanish lessons.