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Defender Madsen Focusing On Bigger Picture

Danish defender Kristian Madsen spoke about the "bigger picture” - as FC Malaga City Under 19s are competing in their first season in the Spanish Juvenil league system.

This season has seen the Under 19s side move into league football in the Spanish system for the very first time.

Madsen, who first joined #FCMC back in 2018, has progressed in his two-and-a-half years with the academy and admitted the team want promotion, not just for themselves, but so future players can play at a high level.

“It’s a bit different now that we’re competing in the league, compared to playing friendlies, even though they’re really close to being the same,” Madsen said.

“Every game you’re trying to go out and show off yourself, play for your team and, of course, you’re trying to win, but now we have a bigger picture that we can look at getting promoted and get into a higher league.

“It’s not just for us to play in a higher league, but the team next year and for the future generations that come here to the academy, so they can play at a higher level with the Under 19s.”

The 18-year-old centre-back has led the team to a winning start in the league as the team are sitting atop of the table having won all four of their games so far this season.

Madsen stated the team are wanting to continue that winning run and achieve the main objective of getting promoted in their first season.

He added: “We have played four games and we can see in the league that we have been superior to the teams that we have played.

“We hope to keep it that way for the games until the end of the season. For us, it’s just all about getting out onto that pitch, showing what we can do, play our way and get three points every game, so we can get promoted as quickly as possible.”

Madsen’s footballing background in Denmark includes playing for Karrabæk IF, Næstved IF, FK Sydsjælland 05 and Næstved IF and opened up about how much he has grown, not just as a footballer with #FCMC, but also as a person.

“I’ve been here for two-and-a-half years now and I’ve learned a lot, most of what I know now is down to being here like how to analyse game plan, analysing myself on the field, how to analyse the other team while we’re playing,” Madsen said.

“All-in-all, I’ve become a better player since being here, in every way. I’ve evolved a lot as a person as well since I first came here.

“It’s an amazing place to be and you can really make a lot out of it if you really want to.”

The Danish centre-back went on to talk about how he first found out about #FCMC: “The way I found the academy was four years ago my old team and I were on a friendly tour in the Málaga region.

"A team cancelled on us for a match, so we got in contact with George (Jermy) and they were free to play a game against us.

“We lost the game, heavily, but it was a great experience to see where my level was at and where it could potentially go to.

“From there, we made contact with the academy and it evolved to a good relationship.”


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