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Willett Reflects On Atlético de Madrid Battle

Defender Ady Willett admitted she feels "super fortunate" after FC Málaga City Femenino faced on Atlético de Madrid on Tuesday afternoon.

#FCMC took their three Academy sides and the Femenino team to Madrid this week on Tour, and all four games provided a unique experience for the players.

Adrián Domínguez watched on as his Femenino side took the lead in the first-half through Maria Gonzalez, and the team battled throughout against Atlético.

Willett showed courage and leadership at the back - as she has done throughout the season - and reflects on the "exciting" opportunity to play against one of Europe's elite.

"The experience was so exciting," Willett said. "Few people in the world can say they played against Atlético Madrid, so I just feel super fortunate.

"It was awesome to be able to see how the pro level of competition plays. They were able to pass and switch the ball so well, so I know to get to the next level I need to work on that.

"In regards to this team and this season, it really just proved that we can play at a high level and keep up with some of the top clubs.

"It gave us the confidence to know that we can go all the way and get promoted."

After taking on the likes of Atlético de Madrid, UD Almería and Granada CF this season - all teams playing higher in the Spanish pyramid - it has given Willett more determination to push on with her career.

Willett said: "I definitely want to play at a higher level and elevate my game.

"I'd love it especially if I could stick with the squad and we can get promoted to higher divisions, hopefully making it to Division Two one day. I think we have the core to do it."

She continued: "These big games was definitely a big reason for coming here. I came for a challenge and an experience.

"Being able to travel to amazing cities and play football has been an absolute dream."


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