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FC Malaga City Launches New Satellite Academy in Houston, Texas!

FC Malaga City is thrilled to announce the opening of our new satellite academy based out of Houston, Texas in the United States

FC Malaga City is delighted to officially announce the launch of our brand new satellite Academy, in partnership with Accelerator School, out of Houston Texas. Our new location will provide our student-athletes with our very own tailored methodology, designed and developed over our 10 years of operation here on the south coast of Spain. Out objective is to provide young, hungry footballers with a professional structure which mirrors that of our Spanish Academy with a full-time training environment which will run synonymously alongside our our high-quality education provisions provided through our partners at Accelerator School. This new center will work hand in hand with our Academy HQ here in Spain, sharing the same club development techniques, resources and insights in order to provide our student-athletes with all the tools that they need to be succesful.

Accelerator School co-founder Terry Ransbury had this to say regarding the new Houston base, “Accelerator School Houston is proud to partner with FC Malaga City to offer players a pathway to one of the best football academies in Europe. Join us where a rigorous education, high-level training, and compassionate schedule combine to help elite student-athletes reach their goals.”

Speaking to FC Malaga City owner George Jermy he conveyed his excitement and hope of the potential for the new center, “It's a privilege and a real moment of excitement as we begin to bring to life our ambitions of creating a global network of talented football players receiving the best level of footballing development. Houston is a key cornerstone for the network of football schools we have developing and we hope that we will see players begin under our club training methods from a younger age with the goal to see more players progressing through not only to the full time residential academy here in Spain, but more players graduating through into our first team!”

With endless collaboration possibilities, our new Texas site will look to develop players from all across the US with the overall goal of progression into the FC Malaga City Academy here in Spain. Houston is an ever growing football community and we are thrilled to be able to begin to make our mark in such a talent rich area.

This new partnership not only strengthens the bonds between FC Malaga City Academy and our Accelerator School academic partners, but also reinforces FC Malaga City’s commitment to our players, aiming to provide them with more and more opportunities as we continue to grow and progress!


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