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FC Malaga City in New York 🇺🇸

FC Malaga City Academy are delighted to announce a partnership with BSC Wolves, resulting in a brand new football centre opening in New York.

Colin McComb and George Jermy

BSC Wolves, who will now be named FC Malaga City in New York, become the latest academy to join the expanding portfolio of the FC City Group which includes FC Canberra City, CD Almuñecar City and FC Malaga City Ladies.

The partnership provides FC Malaga City in New York players with a direct link into European football with FC Malaga City Academy, and strengthens the club's operational and sporting opportunities off the field.

FC Malaga City in New York will benefit from a number of resources and expertise from FC Malaga City Academy, including access to coaching staff and state-of-the-art technology to improve performance.

The agreement showcases FC Malaga City Academy's ongoing commitment to provide opportunities to break into professional football for players around the globe.

George Jermy, Academy Director of FC Malaga City, expressed his delight at the partnership when speaking to the press: "We're absolutely delighted to agree a formal partnership with BSC Wolves and open a new football centre in the US; something we've been looking to do for a considerable amount of time.

The quality of their academy speaks for itself; we had two players join the academy from BSC Wolves over the summer period and we've been really impressed with their talent and skills so far.

I'm a huge admirer of Colin's work over the past few years; the ability to offer world class coaching and opportunities to players without cost is something that should be applauded.

We're really excited to get going with this partnership, and look forward to welcoming a number of new players from New York to the academy over the course of the season."

Colin McComb, Director of BSC Wolves, commented: "This is a groundbreaking partnership for youth soccer in America. To be able to offer our players a direct pathway into European football academies is something we're incredibly proud of.

Our philosophy is very much aligned to FC Malaga City's; we want players to express themselves and play with freedom to really get the most out of their potential.

Of course, you can't directly replicate a European football environment in the United States, but we feel our programme gives players the skills and understanding to be able to step right into it and make the necessary adjustments."

Welcome To The FC City Group, FC Malaga City in New York! 🤝


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