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#FCMC Duo Join División de Honor Team

Congratulations to FC Malaga City Academy duo Jared Sullivan and Ozlo Rigby, who have signed for División de Honor side CF Rusadir.

Jared, an attacking midfielder from North Carolina, and Ozlo, a forward from Florida - both joined FC Malaga City Academy during the 2019/20 season.

CF Rusadir is a club based in Melilla - a Spanish autonomous city located on the north-west coast of Africa, sharing a border with Morocco.

Upon signing, Ozlo commented: "I’m very pleased to have signed with CF Rusadir.

"I had my first training session with them was very intense and required a high work rate.

"My time at FC Malaga City has been amazing - and I have learnt a lot.

"They did all the right things to prepared me to play in the Spanish league system - and improved my technical, physical and tactical ability.

"My goal is to play at the highest level possible but it is one step at a time." Jared added: "It is a new challenge with CF Rusidir and I’m excited to help the team win and continue to improve my play.

"My time with FC Malaga City has been a wonderful opportunity to work and train with some really great coaches and teammates.

"#FCMC is a program I will always strive to represent well, and I want to make my coaches and teammates proud for helping me during my time with them.

"My ambition is to play at the highest professional levels in Europe or the United States."


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