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FCMC Launches New Private Physio Clinic In Almuñécar

FC Malaga City is excited to be launching a new sports therapy clinic located in our Academy base in Almunecar, which will provide our players with a facility to undergo extensive rehab and physiotherapy treatment.

The clinic, which will be run by the club’s team of expert physical therapists, will support the FC Malaga City and Almunecar City Senior, U23 and U21 sides outside of scheduled training sessions.

By providing the players with extra time with the clubs’ medical staff and access to different manual therapies, exercise programmes and medical equipment, FCMC will look to decrease the risk of injury and allow players the to remain as healthy as possible throughout the 10 month campaign.

Manu Torres, who will be heading up the Academy clinic, said: “It is a space in which we will have all the necessary tools to help injured players return as safely as possible and to allow us to take care of those who are not necessarily injured but have some discomfort."

“For me it is amazing to have such a space to practice my profession and take my treatments to the next level and it is a continuous challenge as each injury is different.”

Torres was not the only one excited by the news of the Academy clinic opening as Academy Director, George Jermy, commented by saying "For us it's another step in the right direction towards providing our players with a full-time professional environment."

"That means not only taking care of our players on the pitch, during practice and games, but also providing them access to our services during their downtime so that they can continue to focus solely on taking care of business on the field."


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