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Sullivan Enjoying His Time In Spain

Jared Sullivan is enjoying his second season with FC Malaga City Academy - and revealed he is having a “great time” in Spain.

Sullivan, who has previously played in Italy, spent the 2019/20 season with #FCMC U19s - coming up against the likes of Sevilla, Valencia, Granada, Barcelona and Manchester City.

The midfielder, who is now playing with CD Almuñecar City U23s, spoke of how professional the coaching and environment is with the academy.

“With FC Malaga City, I’ve had a great time being able to train and play for them, whereas back home you don’t get the chance to train with COVID-19,” Sullivan said.

“Over here, the coaching and all of my teammates are great. It is a really high standard and a great place to develop as a player.

“The coaching and training is great and then when you get game time against the high-level teams around Europe - it’s brilliant.

Sullivan, like the other players at #FCMC, has the chance to continue playing during COVID-19, and the midfielder admitted that this season hasn’t been that different compared to last.

He said: “The only difference is going to be the teams that we’re going to play and where we’re going to be able to travel.

“As far as training, classes and the lifestyle, it’s all normal, just when we get to being able to train and travel in Spain and in Europe, it’s harder with COVID-19."

Sullivan, talking about this season’s Under 19s team, added: “At the start, the chemistry wasn’t there, as is the case with any new team.

As the season has gone on, I think this team is really strong - and will continue to grow as we play games. It’s going to be great to see where we can go.”

During the 2019/20 season, Sullivan was invited to trial with Linares Deportivo - alongside fellow academy players Cameron Williams and Kristian Madsen.

Jared said: "It was a great experience to be invited to trial with Linares Deportivo - a huge club who play in Segunda B.

"I am thankful for the opportunities being with FC Malaga City Academy has given me, and I will keep working hard to achieve more success."


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