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FCMC Hosts Education Workshop For Academy Players

FCMC is delighted to launch the first of our educational workshop series, aimed at providing our Academy Players with useful tools and knowledge pertaining to the football industry. The first of which was lead by FCMC´s Head of Recruitment, James Dawes, who designed the workshop around two fundamental recruitment principles, including:

  • How to prepare an effective resume and what should be included.

  • Tips and Tricks on how to create the perfect highlight tape.

After the presentation we caught up with James Dawes who gave his thoughts on the workshop as a whole. ¨First and foremost I want to say a big thank you to all our Academy members who attended and made it a real fun and interactive experience on both sides.¨

¨It was great to have the time to speak with our Academy players about the importance of using the tools and platform that they have here at FC Malaga City to benefit their own careers moving forward. Whether that is trying to work towards a professional contract, a scholarship in the USA, a coaching role in the future or simply employment within the football industry. All the skills and items that were discussed are transferable no matter which field our players will actively pursue.

Dawes went on to say ¨When I look back on my youth career, there are things that I know now that would have definitely helped me further my career and it was my lack of understanding at the time which means that I didn't always take full advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves¨.

¨I think it's important for all our young members to understand the importance of networking and marketing, which will provide skills that far surpass the pitch. With that being said I am also a footballer and I know how these things can fall by the wayside so I was delighted that the boys showed real enthusiasm towards the workshop and I hope they will take away the key bits of knowledge and use it to benefit themselves in their own careers. The feedback from the presentation was all really positive and a number of our Academy players have already followed up with me afterwards with questions and advice following the workshop.¨

He finished by saying ¨Ultimately there is a wealth of knowledge within the staff that we have here at the club, so I am just glad that I got to take this opportunity to utilize my own personal experience in order to help our young athletes.¨

Keep an eye out for the next workshop which will be released shortly.


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