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#FCMC Partner With On The Ball

FC Malaga City Academy are pleased to announce a new partnership with On The Ball - a non-profit, non-affiliated and independent organization - wishing to teach kids all around the world first aid knowledge through sports.

The partnership will see On The Ball deliver personalised first-aid education sessions to all FC Malaga City Academy players throughout May.

Founded in 2016, On The Ball is a non-profit organisation launched by current FC Malaga City U17s Head Coach Maxime Oliveri.

With the motto Bringing Hope For A Brighter Future, On The Ball aims to show the value ​​of sharing, enjoyment, tolerance and mutual respect through a common universal language: football.

The organisation has quickly grown to a team of 20+ volunteers - with a presence on five continents around the globe.

On The Ball's vision is to design and carry out projects with the aim of raising awareness and improving living conditions for children around the world - whilst providing enjoyment and generating hope for all children.

Charles Mallmann, Head of Recruitment at FC Malaga City Academy, commented: "Life is a wonderful gift, but it is also very fragile.

"Sadly, throughout history, we have had the example of unfortunate events in the professional football world. While some were inevitable, others with better education and a better understanding of first aid could have been avoided.

"We believe it is our duty to train excellent footballers but also excellent human beings here at the academy.

"As a result, it now seems essential to us to teach awareness of first aid - so that our young athletes can be heroes at all times, on and off the field.

"We are always “On The Ball”, and we thank Maxime Oliveri, president and founder of On The Ball for partnering with our institution in order to teach this vital knowledge through an awareness campaign on the one-week courses with its speakers.

"FC Malaga City Academy and On The Ball are also proud to have had special balloons made in collaboration with Alive & Kicking in Africa for this event - and thus participate in a way to help families in need by creating employment and a positive social impact in communities in difficulty."

To find out more about On The Ball, please visit their website by clicking here.


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